About Our Food

We Are Proud To Provide High Quality, Biologically Appropriate Raw Dog Food !

Raw Health Canine Food is a family owned and operated small business that is located in Bellmawr, New Jersey. Raw Health Canine Food was formed in order to provide dogs with a high quality dog food at an affordable price because we believe that all dogs deserve high quality food! We create each batch of our premium dog food with only the freshest USDA Grade A meats that are inspected/approved for human consumption and never contain any steroids, preservatives, or additives. Our biologically appropriate raw dog food is tested at an accredited laboratory for guaranteed food analysis as we follow AAFCO labeling guidelines. We take extreme pride with having high sanitation standards while providing food combinations to satisfy your pets nutritional needs.

Our Raw Health Canine Food is backed by top local veterinarians and trusted by Police K-9 Units in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and more!

Contact us today to feed your dogs and cats the high quality food that they are biologically designed to eat!


Benefits of Raw Feeding

  • Cleaner Teeth
  • Increased Energy levels  
  • Better skin
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of bloat
  • Smaller and less stench stools
  • No more “runny eyes”
  • Better smelling breath
  • Reduced scratching, itching and licking
  • Stronger immune system
  • No preservatives or chemicals added
  • Great for dogs with food allergies
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